Meredith Veach was raised just outside of New York City in a very traditional home.

She began playing the piano at age three and soon picked up the flute. She is classically trained in both, having performed for years at state competitions, receiving the highest ratings. Throughout her high school years she also became a USTA ranked tennis player in the Northeast region. After noticing a developing talent in oil painting, she enrolled at Trinity College to double major in fine art and film. From there, she began working at a post production house in Soho as a self-taught commercial editor. After three years and absorbing as much as she could from her fellow colleagues, she attended SVA for her Masters degree in Directing for Film. She has won several awards for her short, Gone Into the Clearing, including Best Director and Best Editing. She also co executive produced, edited, and did animation graphics for a feature romantic comedy indie film, Threebound. It made its world premiere at SOHO International Film Festival in June 2019, and is now available on various streaming platformsShe currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Jacob, and pit mix, Kerri.

Please contact Meredith for any projects, short term or long term! Thank you! 


Producer, Editor, Post Supervisor, post coordinator

drawer, painter, usta ranked tennis player

dog trainer