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Meredith Veach is an award-winning film director and editor. She was raised just outside of New York City in a very traditional home. She began playing the piano at age three and soon picked up the flute. She is classically trained in both, having performed for years at state competitions, receiving the highest ratings. Throughout her high school years she also became a USTA ranked tennis player in the Northeast region. After noticing a developing talent in oil painting, she enrolled at Trinity College to double major in fine art and film. 
From there, Meredith began working at a post production house in Soho cutting national commercial spots. After three years and absorbing as much as she could from her fellow colleagues, she attended SVA for her Masters degree in Directing for Film. She has won several awards for her short, Gone Into the Clearing, including Best Director and Best Editing. Meredith was a post coordinator for a network show called The Rundown; a talk show about artists and musicians from Trinidad & Tobago. She also co executive produced, edited, and did visual effects for a feature romantic comedy indie film, Threebound. It made its world premiere at SOHO International Film Festival in June 2019, and is now available on various streaming platforms. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Jacob, and pit mix, Kerri. She is working for Blizzard Entertainment at the moment, producing and editing original content.
She has found that her foundation for the arts from day one has fueled her passion for filmmaking and editing.

Watch Threebound
Watch Gone Into the Clearing
At Exit 74 Productions, Kate Forsatz and Meredith Veach have created a podcast called One Oh! One for young women to discover the various roles that are available to them in the industry.
Continued Inspiration: Coen Brothers, Judd Apatow, Christopher Guest, Larry David, Tim Burton, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mike Judge, Amy Sedaris, Molly Shannon, Jennifer Coolidge

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Producer and Editor, Meredith Veach, worked closely with Diablo IV Developers and players to discuss various features that have been designed at the start to help allow players of all abilities to enjoy the game.

Threebound Nominated for Best Indie Rom Com

Award This! returns for its fourth year and will take place at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California on Saturday, May 21.


Breakups happen.
Boy meets girl.
Boy likes girl; girl likes boy.
Boy and girl decide to sleep with 3 other people first, to avoid the rebound relationship.

Newly single New Yorkers Sarah and Matt aren’t looking for love, but may have found it, ready or not. To avoid the ever cliched rebound, they devise a plan turning conventional laws of dating on their head, leading them to question; how many wrongs make everything right? 

Soho International Film Festival

Meredith Veach ’12 was one of the first female students to graduate Trinity with a major in film studies, and since her graduation, she has relocated to Los Angeles and currently works in the film industry.

Her most recent project is a romantic comedy entitled THREEBOUND. The indie film, which she edited and color-corrected, premiered at the SOHO International Film Festival in NYC on June 21. Veach was present for the screening, and she shared her favorite moments with us in a photo journal.

Editor for show with BratTV and Facebook

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DANCE WITH NIA is a fresh, fun and unexpected exploration of dance. Follow along as I collaborate with eleven different dancers with disabilities on big performances, gaining perspectives and creating friendships along the way.

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